Custom features

  • Unique header image for every page.
  • Slider skin for gallery.
  • Widget enchantments: changable background color and padding options for most widgets.
  • Custom Block widget.
  • Custom skin for Blog Widget.
  • 30+ different animation for content.
  • Customizable colors.
  • Fully responsive using Foundation framework. The most advanced responsive 
    front-end framework in the world.
  • 3 layouts.
  • Skins for community plugin widgets.

Gallery slider:

Custom widget controlls

Each widget has two custom options. You can add or remove padding around widget and change background color, for example this widget is with padding and gray background.

Image with extra padding.
Image without extra padding

Cusom widget: Block

 This widget allows to place your content with more flexibility and different backgrounds color, than regular columns widget. 

Also you can use this widget to add background to your content

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